Thursday, September 3, 2015

The MTC Experience

It's difficult to put into words our week at the MTC. It was a week in our lives that we will never forget. From the moment we arrived on Monday morning August 24th we were in awe of the Spirit of the MTC that we felt and basked in. We were greeted, and escorted to our room by several polite, clean-cut, well spoken young Elders. We then spent the rest of the day in an orientation process. The rest of the week we were taught by some of the sharpest, brightest, finest young people who were returned from their missions. We were stretched beyond our abilities but helped all along the way. We grew close as a group of senior missionaries as the week progressed. We felt the strength, power, and goodness of all these outstanding people. Some couples were going to far away places while others (like us) were serving from home. That didn't seem to matter. We were made to feel valued and needed. At week's end after many classes, role plays, studying, and cafeteria meals, we felt changed for the better and grateful for the opportunity to be taught by the Spirit at the MTC.

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